Broomball goals are significantly larger than ice hockey goals.


Pick Options. If your team does not have T-shirts with numbers, your league may provide jerseys for you.

The protective body pads, helmets and face masks are the same as in ice hockey.


Play involves a lot of slow running, sliding, swinging, and slipping. Goalkeepers tend to wear thicker padding all over and they must. Broomball Shoes.

Broomball is an on-ice game similar to hockey, but with a few fun and unique twists Like hockey, the object is to score more goals than the opposition.

Since you are not wearing skates, it is much easier to wear pants during a game of broomball. 3. Professional level match play broom gloves.

Players wear padded sponge-rubber soled shoes to enhance traction on the ice. Cow hide suede leather palm for excellent grip and control.


The net acts as the area where a team can score while on offense.

Shirts must be. Due North Everyday G3 Ice Cleats.

Broomball shoes or clean-soled running shoes must be worn. Dec 18, 2018 Broomballs goals are slightly larger than hockeys, and offsides rules differ slightly.

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Using a broom (the broom has evolved into a stick with a plastic paddle), you play ice hockey with a plastic ball.

Visually, this one is more understated than many broomball shoes.

The use of helmets does not mean that you are free from the risk of concussions nor that rough play will be tolerated. Get up to 20 off. You may think you're in shape, but almost nobody has the ability to play all out for the full 30.

Shoes can also have deep divots along the bottom to help grip the ice. 59. USPS Parcel Post. Players wear padded sponge rubber shoes made in China. Apr 13, 2023 A standard broomball rink is typically 85 feet wide and 160 feet long. 99 D-Gel Gripper Broomball Shoes 89.

The game is played on an ice rink with two teams of six players (typically 3 offense, 2 defense, and a goalie), with the object.

Broomball is played on a roughened ice surface in tennis shoes. Players are not allowed to wear skates.

Instead of skates, players wear shoes.

Broomball shoes or clean-soled running shoes must be worn.

Broomball is a thriving intramural sport at Princeton.

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